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Digital Takeover Day

Digital Takeover Day empowers young people to make their voices heard by taking control of museums’ social media accounts for the day.

Begun in 2014 as Teen Twitter Takeover, our Digital Takeover Day empowers young people and gives them a platform to engage with museums, galleries, historic houses, archives, heritage sites, cultural and arts organisations across the UK.

Young people’s #TakeoverDay tweets have reached hundreds of thousands of people and the hashtag even trended on Twitter.

Digital Takeover Day enables young people up to the age of 25 to take over a wider range of digital platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, organisation websites and YouTube channels.

How can young people take over at my organisation’s digital channels?

There are many ways young people can take over your museum’s digital platforms. They could:

  • take over your Twitter account for the day showcasing their favourite objects
  • create an Instagram story with pictures and videos from around your museum
  • film a Facebook Live event or tour of your museum
  • make a short film to post on YouTube
  • write a blog
  • create a podcast.

When is Digital Takeover Day?

In 2020, the event will take place on:

Friday 3 July

We suggest that you try and get involved on this date to get the most from being part of a national event, particularly in terms of social media reach. But you can get young people involved in taking over your digital platforms at any time of year – just remember to register your Digital Takeover Day with us.

Though this event has a digital and social media focus, we also welcome any type of Takeover Day on this date.

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Why should my organisation take part?

Digital Takeover Day provides provide a great opportunity for museums to see their collections in a new light and gain a better understanding of their younger audiences. They create a platform for museums to communicate their relevance to young people to those outside of the sector.

They empower young people by giving them:

  • a digital platform
  • trust and confidence to speak in public
  • the chance to exchange ideas and opinions with their peers across the country
  • experience behind the scenes with museums and their collections.

Young people have fed back to us that they were more interested in getting involved in other museum activities after taking part.

They can also be great starting point for a larger organisational Takeover Day and doing more in-depth activities later in the year.

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