Forming our first Youth Panel is:

  • Tasha Brown
  • Beth Dockery
  • Ellen Ffrench
  • Louisa Hunt
  • Holly Jevons
  • Dominic Neergheen
  • Chloe Phillips-Bartlett
  • Amy Potter.

The group comes from all over the UK, bringing a variety of skills, backgrounds and experiences. The youth panellists are currently studying, working, training or volunteering, both inside and outside the heritage sector. What they share is a love of heritage and culture, and a desire to get more of their peers visiting museums.

In October 2018, we appointed our first Young Trustees (also aged 18 to 25), who sit on our Board and contribute to the organisation’s governance and strategy.

The Youth Panel will have the opportunity to work with our Young Trustees, develop new projects, feedback into Kids in Museums Board meetings and take part in our projects, including Takeover Day and Teen Digital Takeover.

Emmajane Avery, Chair of Kids in Museums, said: “We’re delighted to welcome our first ever Youth Panel and bring more young people’s voices into our organisation. Our research has shown that young people are less likely to visit museums than people aged over 45 and that there are many reasons for this. We’re looking forward to working with our new panel to discuss these issues and work together to make museums even better places for young people to visit.”

The Youth Panel members, who had their first meeting last night (22 July 2019), will join us for a term of two years. We look forward to sharing more about what they are up to soon.