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Takeover Day Wales

Takeover Day is when museums, galleries, historic homes, archives and heritage sites invite young people in to take over jobs normally done by adults.

We established Takeover Day to help historic institutions empower children and young people and give them meaningful roles in their organisations.

Takeover Day began in Wales in 2012 and now 900 young people, from toddlers to 25 year olds, take part each year. Many participants have gone on to become more involved in the life of the museum as a result.

How can children and young people take over at my organisation?

“I don’t think museums are boring and old anymore.”Takeover Day participant

Takeover Day exists in all shapes, scales and forms, from one child to hundreds of children. Over the years, young people have:

  • taken over museum jobs and become tour guides, curators, shop assistants, cleaners, welcome hosts, receptionists, press officers and even conservators
  • co-curated exhibitions and events, including late night gigs, sleepovers or performances
  • delivered learning sessions for other groups of children
  • created merchandise for the shop
  • given their perspective and feedback on museum websites, events and interpretation
  • taken over museum social media channels. (You can find more about holding a social media takeover on our Digital Takeover page.

When is Takeover Day?

You can hold a Takeover Day at any time of the year, or on our dedicated Takeover Day.

For the first time, we are holding two Takeover Days in 2019 to help even more organisations join in. You can take part on one or both dates – or simply whenever is best for your organisation.

  • Friday 28 June 2019
  • Friday 22 November 2019

This is also the first time that Takeover Day will take place on the same day for England and Wales.

Why should I take part?

“Takeover Day is the tip of the iceberg for a deeper approach we are aiming to achieve through longer term projects; it’s a great way to get started on this cultural shift.”Welsh Museum

For heritage organisations, Takeover Day is a great opportunity to connect with different groups of young people, attract new audiences, pilot new ways of working, and generate press coverage and social media reach.

For young people, Takeover Day is a unique chance to learn outside the classroom and discover what it’s like to work behind-the-scenes at a museum. We know that it helps to boost young people’s confidence and gives them a sense of ownership over their local museum and heritage.

Can I apply for funding to support my Takeover Day?

There are several organisations who may be able to provide funding for your event. Find out more about applying by clicking the links below:

How do I take part?

  • Look at our bilingual resources, from case studies, films, templates and top tips, to help you plan your Takeover Day.
  • Sign up on our website by Friday 14 June or Friday 8 November using the form below to let us know what you are doing. We will add your event to our online map, provide you with support materials and information, and help to promote your event on social media and in the press.
  • Contact us if you have any questions by emailing [email protected] or calling us on 020 3096 7707.

How do I sign up?

To register to take part in Takeover Day 2019, please fill in the from below. The form will take 10-15 minutes to complete and it is currently not possible to save the form part way through.

The information you will need to complete the form includes:

  • Information about your organisation (including social media handles)
  • As much information as possible about your Takeover Day plans including the group you plan to work with and what they’ll be doing on the day
  • Details of a press or communications contact for your event (if you don’t have a person in this role don’t worry)

If you have any problems filling in the form, please email [email protected] or call 020 3096 7707 and a member of the team will be able to help.

Takeover Day Registration Form