Takeover Day
20th November, 2015

We had a fantastic Takeover Day on Friday 20th November 2015. Over 150 museums, galleries, arts organisations, archives and heritage sites ran an event and more than 4000 children took part across England. On Takeover Day, young people are given meaningful roles, working alongside staff and volunteers to participate in the life of the organisation.

Here are two excellent examples of Takeover Day projects from 2015:

For the first time in its 4,500 year old history, students took over adult roles at Stonehenge, the most famous prehistoric monument in the world. They led tours at the stones, explained Neolithic artefacts in the museum at the Stonehenge visitor centre and explained objects in the Neolithic Houses to visitors from around the world. They developed new activities for primary school visitors and tried them out and tweeted, posted on Instagram, wrote articles and created a short film to copy deadlines.

At the home of cricket, Lord’s, two schools took over leading on guides tours of the grounds. Hearing from the children about the grounds and seeing their energy enthused the tour groups. The young experts let visitors over look the green, explore the real tennis court and see the ashes in the museum. They led groups throughout the site guiding them to each part of the large site while wearing their Official Tour Guide Blazers and ‘I’m Taking Over’ sticker.

Philip Mould, Kids in Museums President, Broadcaster and Author, says


Kids in Museums President, Philip Mould

‘This Friday over 3500 young people are going to be at right at the heart of museums. For many of them, it will be their first experience of a museum. For all of them, it will be empowering and eye-opening, learning about museums from the inside. Young people are the heartbeat of the arts – they contribute fresh ideas and new perspectives. Takeover Day is about further encouraging the pivotal contribution that they make.’

Here’s how we can help with your plans for 2016:

How to take part in 2016

Teen Twitter Takeover will take place on 12 August and gives cultural and heritage organisations the chance to hand over their Twitter feeds to young people for the day. Email the Takeover team at [email protected] to find out more and get involved.

The date for Takeover Day 2016 will be revealed soon. To find out first,  email the team at [email protected].

If you’re a museum, gallery, archive, arts or heritage organisation, let us know you’re interested in taking part by emailing [email protected]. We’ll add you to our communications list so you receive updates and top tips.

If you’re a school, youth group or young person who wants to get involved, talk to your local museum and direct them here. Tweet us @kidsinmuseums and @takeovermuseums and we’ll help spread the word.


Why not make your fantastic Takeover Day an event that happens throughout the year? Join organisations who are already embedding takeovers into their regular programmes all year round.

Tweet @takeovermuseums to let us know that your Takeover Day is #Morethanaday.

Read what experiences have been gained from previous Takeover Day events,

‘One of the schools had not been to us before, even though they are within walking distance, they are now booking visits more frequently. The quiz that they wrote for Takeover Day is now used daily in our Social History Gallery as a part of the Activity trolley for younger visitors.’

‘The Youth Advisors led public conversations, challenging people’s perceptions of what young people and museums do. This is the first time anything like this has happened and their role has been acknowledged by our Visitor Experience team who now have a much better understanding of young people in the Museum.’

‘Our gallery team are much more receptive to engaging with young people (instead of viewing them with suspicion).’ ‘It was definitely a great opportunity for me, as a new Learning Officer, to give my colleagues an insight into my job, which has resulted in people being more aware and thoughtful about learning opportunities more generally in their work. Takeover Day has helped us to formally display that as a museum we are focused on involving children and young people in our work.’

Watch this film about how Lowewood House was taken over by young people. They ran guides tours, sessions for children and met with VIP’s to share what they thought of the day.

Teen Twitter Takeover

Cultural and heritage organisations across the UK handed their twitter feeds over to teenagers during Teen Twitter Takeover on the 20th August 2015. This successful event empowered teenagers. Organisations used the Twitter factsheet – How can Teenagers Takeover our Twitter Feed? – and TweetSheet Template to invite a group in. Many of them work with the same group on a wider project on the official Takeover Day.

This project helped museums to put young people’s voices at the heart of the museum, demonstrating trust.

‘The best thing about today and when we have ‘takenover’ before is knowing that we are being trusted by the museum . ‘Cos I know the museum staff are happy that I will do a good job it gives me confidence to do things which I am nervous or scared about. Then when I do the thing I realise I am quite good at it and the museum is right to trust me.’- Quote from youth tweeter at Ancient House Museum

It’s great fun, a brilliant profile-raising activity and helps organisations understand their young visitors better enabling staff from different departments to work together.

See what happened in 2014 by reading the Storify here and 2015 by clicking here.

Kids in Museums is thrilled to be organising the event again as part of the Children’s Commissioner’s Takeover Challenge. 

Children's Commissioner

For more guidance and resources for the Children’s Commissioner’s Takeover Challenge click here

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Take a look at our reports, resources and case studies to inspire you for this year’s event. Find out how putting young people at the heart of a museum, gallery, archive, arts or heritage site makes it a vibrant and exciting place to be, and how working with young visitors in a slightly different way can bring fresh ideas and positive changes.

Put the date in your calendar and get in touch to get involved.

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