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A new app to explore the Parthenon Marbles at the British Museum...

Hands up! Who’s ever visited the British Museum and seen the Parthenon Marbles? Now, bonus points if you can remember what the Parthenon temple was for? Or what’s actually going on in all the action-packed panels the stonemasons carved to decorate it? Hmmm… Rebecca Mileham, a Kids in Museums volunteer, … Read more

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Virginia Woolf: Art, Life and Vision at the National Portrait Gallery...

Kids in Museums volunteer, Joe Carroll, visited the Virginia Woolf exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery on a late opening night in a relaxed atmosphere. 

Virginia Woolf is considered by many to be one of the greatest British writers for her exploration of the human condition and for addressing … Read more

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Quentin Blake: Inside Stories at the House of Illustration...

Kids in Museums News Editor, Maria Demetriou and her seven-year-old son, visit the House of Illustration’s Quentin Blake: Inside Stories exhibition

Readers of our news section will know that I’m a huge fan of Sir Quentin Blake, so I was super excited to take my seven-year-old to see his Inside … Read more

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Buckingham Palace...

Who’d have thought that the most famous palace in the world could be so family friendly? Kids in Museums’ Takeover Day Project Manager Jenie Macindoe took her seven year old daughter on a tour during this year’s summer open season at Buckingham Palace.

Maybe it shouldn’t come as that much of … Read more

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Digital Revolution: An immersive exhibition of art, design, film, music and video games, Barbican Centre, London...

Kids in Museums Volunteer Website Manager, Miriam Sassoon, renewed her passion for art and technology with the Barbican’s Digital Revolution exhibition.

I have been hugely excited about visiting this exhibition, having a background in digital art history and an interest in how digital arts can be displayed. At the same time, … Read more

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