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Buckingham Palace...

Who’d have thought that the most famous palace in the world could be so family friendly? Kids in Museums’ Takeover Day Project Manager Jenie Macindoe took her seven year old daughter on a tour during this year’s summer open season at Buckingham Palace.

Maybe it shouldn’t come as that much of … Read more

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Digital Revolution: An immersive exhibition of art, design, film, music and video games, Barbican Centre, London...

Kids in Museums Volunteer Website Manager, Miriam Sassoon, renewed her passion for art and technology with the Barbican’s Digital Revolution exhibition.

I have been hugely excited about visiting this exhibition, having a background in digital art history and an interest in how digital arts can be displayed. At the same time, … Read more

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Sampling the comic art workshops at the Cartoon Museum, London...

Kids in Museums commissioning editor, Rhonda Carrier’s 10- and 11-year-old sons find a little oasis of drawing heaven a few steps from the British Museum.

When I go to pick them up and find them filling in feedback forms, my feeling that we’re onto something special is confirmed. My two eldest … Read more

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First World War Galleries, Imperial War Museum London...

At the Kids in Museums office on work experience, Ania Gordon was excited to be able to go to the preview of the First World War galleries at the Imperial War Museum in London that reopens on 19th July.

The £40 million transformation of the First World War Galleries at the … Read more

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Making Colour, The National Gallery...

Colour, fundamental to every child’s introduction to art, is the focus of the National Gallery’s current exhibition. Kids in Museums volunteer, Miriam Sassoon went with her 5 year old son to explore the history and science behind it and how new discoveries and technologies have influenced artworks through the ages.

It’s … Read more

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