After School in the Museum?

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Children often feel the museum as a dark, dusty, boring place.
Historia Snc, a company that manages the workshops of some museums in Italy, to experience the museum in a different way to younger, created the After School in the Museum.
The idea is to make the museum a familiar place where you can also do homework and play. The project will help in making the normal duties and, eventually, the”games” of the educational workshops that are usually targeted at schools. In this way, perhaps, the museum may return to its original function: to educate the public, starting with the younger ones.
This project will start in September at the Museo Civico di Massa Lombarda (, near Ravenna, and at the Museum of Shadows (, at Vallemaio, in southern Lazio and perhaps in other museums.

Alessandro Boninsegna

Does anyone have experience of other After School projects in museums?

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  1. Ben Pugh Says:

    After-School Club in famous History Museum
    The famous Falstaff Experience – Tudor World museum housed in a genuine Tudor building located in the heart of Stratford upon Avon is launching an exciting and free new initiative for pupils and parents. As part of their commitment to the ‘Kids in Museums’ manifesto the Falstaff Experience is delighted to begin to host after school clubs. Beginning in June with GCSE revision classes for Shakespeare, the museum will extend the program in September to all ages. On Thursday 9th June students studying Romeo and Juliet can book a free place for the one hour interactive revision workshop. The following week on Thursday 16th June the museum is holding a one hour interactive revision workshop on Macbeth. The sessions begin at 16:00 hrs and whilst the cost is free places are limited. Those wishing to attend are required to book in advance. From September the museum will be hosting literacy and and history after school clubs for children of all ages.
    Education Officer Ben Pugh said “At the Falstaff Experience we are committed to adhering to the Kids in Museums manifesto. We are an exciting learning environment that can be very inspirational for students. Stratford is a lovely place to live and we are keen to give back to the local community. We have 3 former teachers on our staff and they are keen to pass on their knowledge in a new and motivational way. We already have a thriving education program for school visits, but what we hope is that this initiative will create the museum visitors of tomorrow.”
    Details of the scheme can be found on the website

    For more information contact
    Ben Pugh
    Education Officer
    The Falstaff Experience Tudor World
    Sheep Street
    Stratford upon Avon
    CV37 6EE
    01789 298 070

  2. Sue Neaves Says:

    Museum of London, in partnership with the organisation somewhereto_, is piloting the use of spaces for young people.

    What’s really important about this project is that it is 100% youth led in content. The Museum provides space to allow young people to work on projects that they want to do. It works on that 3rd space principle of not just being a formal learning space but an enabling/social space for discussion, rehearsing, writing etc.

    It highlights the Museum’s potential role as a safe public place where young people can interact informally and outside the structure of a school or family visit.

    For more information please contact

    Lowell Black
    [email protected]

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